Increasingly competitive retail markets

Organic growth of most retail markets is slowing down and turn these markets in highly competitive environments.
Retailers will have to achieve additional growth by capturing market share over their competitors, without a significant increase in investments.

Competitive benchmark, a must-have for growth

Today, retail players need to know all about their competitors. They all agree on the positive impact on turnover, sell-though and margin of relevant analytics.
Yet, they do not manage to build high-value insights on a continuous basis, from all current available data: product catalogues, pricing, discounts, store networks.

daco arms you with actionable insights, all year long

daco provides retailers with strategic dashboards adressing all growth levers, empowered by the latest deep learning technologies and our expertise in top-management consulting. daco focuses on arming retailers with actionable analyses and relevant recommendations, available all year long.

The best artificial intelligence, engineered at dacoLAB

daco tackles a significant challenge: combining product classification automation with strong business sense. This is why we created dacoLAB, where our R&D team develops their own deep learning algorithms to recognize comparable products across competitors, or generate refined store networks classifications.

Our R&D engineers have only one goal: design the best artificial intelligence to get past the human recognition accuracy level. Our convolutional neural network is based on the latest research from MIT & Berkeley.


They talk about daco:

Take action today and outpace your retail market