We benchmarkyour competitors on offer,pricing and discount strategies

  • 60+ analyses on offer, pricing, discount
  • Historical views, real-time data
  • Predictive demand algorithms
  • Data aligned on our clients’ segmentation
  • Full customization of data visualizations
  • Very clear scopes and filters
  • Worldwide coverage
  • No need for IT integration

You are a ...

brand ?

brand ?

Stay ahead of your direct competitors by refining your collection equilibriums, defining strong price markets at sub-category levels and anticipating demand of best selling products.

Vivarté - Cache Cache - l’Oréal Nelly Rodi - Bréal
Marketplace ?

Marketplace ?

Finally fight the war of plateforms with the right benchmarking tools. Carry out in-depth analyses brand by brand, and redefine your own vision of exclusivity and price competitiveness.

Galeries Lafayette - Vente Privée
Wholesale brand ?

Wholesale brand ?

Monitor your distributors worldwide, control and secure your brand image with real-time data. Your teams will now understand how your recommended retail prices (RRP) are respected reseller by reseller!

Big player in sportwear industry
Strategy consulting company ?

Strategy consulting company ?

Our team of former strategy consultants and g tools. data experts is here to achieve highest efficiency in your due diligences in retail : competitive data collection, segmentation and analyses

Advancy - Nelly Rodi - Qopius

We use artificial intelligenceto provide you with data that matters.

Every retail brand carries out competitive benchmark of some sort throughout the year. In the past, your teams had to manually gather data, segment the offer product by product and finally carry out all the analyzed they needed.

We’re here to help. Our in-house technology leverages on the latest artificial intelligence and image recognition research to align millions of products on your segmentation, the one that matters in your business, and help you anticipate product demand.

We deal with data collection, segmentation and infrastructure. Our multi-input artificial intelligence models are among the most accurate of the market, and we continuously reinforce them with the help of our clients and external industry experts. Your operational teams can now focus on action using daco dashboards.

Never miss any move from your competitors!

Beyond technology, we are market experts…

Our way of working with our clients mixes the efficiency of a powerful SaaS (Softare as a Service) platform with the reassurance of human, expert interactions with our clients. To achieve this, our service relies on 3 key pillars :

Best team

Our team of co-founders all have strategy consulting backgrounds, juggling with data and extracting actionable insights for retail companies is thus deeply rooted in the corporate culture of daco

Best client relation

at daco, we choose to not just ‘push’ smart data to our clients. We believe they deserve much more. Thus, we are here to help them get on board with smart data and gather their feedback to continuously improve our products.

Best client relation

at daco, we choose to not just ‘push’ smart data to our clients. We believe they deserve much more. Thus, we are here to help them get on board with smart data and gather their feedback to continuously improve our products.o

Best data quality

our artificial intelligence technology is surely one of the most accurate on the market to date, but this isn’t enough. As any industrial factory would include a quality department, our data processes include robust quality checks carried out by market experts.

…passionate about the industries we serve !

We take time to share our experience and some use cases during professional events such as
ShopTalk, UNESCO conference, France AI, Forum de la Mode or lectures at Institut Français de la
Mode (French Institute of Fashion)

Meet our team of co-founders !

Paul Mouginot

Paul is in charge of sales and supervises AI models ïtraining. He started his career as a strategy consultant at Advancy. He gives lectures at Institut Français de la Mode about the use of data in fashion. Paul is also a photographer for Purple Diary, L’Officiel, Vogue.fr and many high fashion brands.

Supélec, ESCP-Europe

Anis Gandoura

Anis is our CEO and is in charge of deep learning and data scrapping technologies development. He started his career as a strategy consultant at Advancy working on projects in operations, sales and marketing in fashion, retail and industry.

Ecole Polytechnique, HEC Business School

Claire Bretton

Claire is in charge of daco dashboard development, client management, communication and operations. She started as a big data consultant at Emnos, working for Carrefour Group during 2 years. She then joined Advancy as strategic consultant manager specialized in Retail for leading brands in RTW and cosmetics sectors.


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