Fundamental Research on AI

Since the very moment of its creation, daco co-founders have been developing their in-house R&D facilities, gathering both human expertise and internally developed hardware for heavy computational algorithm handling.

At dacoLAB, we carry out a permanent, comprehensive monitoring of any scientific publication within the AI field and adapt the most relevant breakthrough in our top-management level dashboards.

This unique ability to combine fundamental research understanding and strategy consulting expertise is more than just another differentiation factor for us. dacoLAB indeed helps us unleash our data scientists performance and improve the quality of our strategic outputs.

dacoLAB is our innovation playground, a platform to field-test our future innovation ideas. Stay tuned, more innovation is to come soon!







“Our vision is to empower business leaders with disruptive tools based on deep learning. We want to leverage on the latest breakthroughs in this field, that’s why we’ve created dacoLAB”

Anis Gandoura, CEO & head of dacoLAB

Innovation on client empowerment

daco has developed an innovative training program.
We have been working with experts in coaching and were inspired by the latest training methods created by digital leaders (eg. Google)

For us, team empowerment relies on simplicity & interactivity.

We created a training ecosystem where team members will get all the skills they need to master daco solutions:

  • Team on-boarding: 2-day training sessions to discover daco solutions and consulting best practices
  • Ambassadors: team member referral for daco deployment in your company
  • Online MOOC: short videos classified by theme to understand each analysis in 2 min
  • You rock daco: personalized skills dashboard to follow your progress curve (in development)
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