Chez daco, nous aidons les retailers à activer leur croissance

We created daco starting from a simple finding: growth was, is and will be the number 1 stake of all retailers.

Achieve growth in a stable market requires to know all about competition in order to gain market share: a know-how still missing today. Growth pillars (like-for-like and expansion) are offer, pricing, discount and store network. Retailers have to monitor all of them on a daily basis to take the right decisions and gain market share.
Today, retailers have a very limited vision on what their competitors do. Can you imagine the strength of a retailer that could be able to crack all about its competition: offer mapping, comparable products, pricing & discount policies to the penny and store network evolution.
This vision is now possible thanks to solutions developed by daco.

daco is the first to offer powerful tools based on high-end technology to help retailers to speed up growth pillars all year long.

We have created a disruptive artificial intelligence over-passing classic deep neural network to make sure that it will be able to recognize the most complex products. Using these proprietary algorithms, we provide comprehensive dashboards that allow to drill down all competition strategies and help our clients to pre-empt leadership.
We differentiate from any other companies by our expertise in strategy consulting, top management interactions and strong willingness to achieve measurable results.

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