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INSIGHTS #1 – Understand Fashion

4 KEY BUSINESS MODELS MASS: A High volume model based on low price points. Network mainly located in suburbs AFFORDABLE LUXURY: Strong recognizable brands referencing some Luxury codes (collection, location, identity) LUXURY: Strong image based on high creativity (runway) and brand storytelling. High price points and selective distribution FAST FASHION: High collection rythm closely following fashion trends, generating high traffic. Accessible price points BASIC WOMAN DRESS A tricky choice : one Lady Dior (2400€) or 80 Zara handbags (30€) Zara updates its collection EVERY WEEK vs.8 times a year for Luxury brands # references for women apparel & accessories (French e-shop) Mass has 12x more refs than Luxury On their e-shops, Mass and Fast Fashion brands have a similar offer width. In reality, Fast Fashion offers >10 000 refs during the year due to high renewal rythm PERFORMANCE >20 000 € for luxury 15 000 € for affordable luxury 5 000 € for fast fashion brands 2 500 € for mass market Get the full market vision to unleash your performance daco collects exhaustive retail data from your competitors, makes it consistent, reliable and comparable, adds strong business sense Website: www.daco.io Twitter: @daco_io