Boost your discount ROI

Discount phasing | Streamline your discount calendar
Discount efforts | Allocate smartly your discount budget by category
Comparable products discount tracking | Define the most attractive discount at SKU level

Discount phasing

Streamline your discount calendar

Crack the discount strategies of your competitors all year long and calibrate your own: discount the right number of SKU, at the right discount rate, with perfect timing.

  • Exhaustive & updated tracking
  • Demand proxy through web search trends

Discount efforts

Allocate smartly your discount budget by category

Drill down discount budget allocation of your competitors at category level: select the right categories to push and find the best path to maximize discount impact and post-rebate sell-through.

  • At category or sub-category level, based on industry standards
  • 2 analysis options: by product or by competitor

Comparable product tracking

Define the most attractive discount at SKU level

Make sure every penny you invest in discount is efficiently used. For any product you sell, daco tracks comparable items in your market. You can now set the right discount product by product and be alerted of competitors’ major moves.

  • Comparable product identification
  • Adjustable similarity level
  • Customizable alerts on competitors’ major moves

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