Know everything about your market

Country profile

Meet the typical look by country

Whenever you shape or deploy your marketing strategy in a specific country, make sure you understand local specificities of each category: top 3 products pushed, price architecture and color chart. Compare it with yours to see how much you fulfill expectations.

E-Commerce purchasing behaviors

Understand e-commerce customers’ habits by country

We gather the latest business intelligence regarding the consumption e-commerce habits worldwide: active internet and social network users, share of local population purchasing online, top social network by country … Leverage on these insights to deploy the most relevant marketing strategy for your business.

Ad-hoc analysis

Leverage on daco expertise in big data & strategy consulting

daco has a strong expertise in top management consulting in Retail. Whether you are a brand, a distributor, a consulting firm or an investment fund, we can leverage on our Artificial Intelligence engines to extract actionable insights.

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