Store network

Unleash your store network performance

Network size | Spot your network full potential
Network expansion | Design best-in-class expansion strategy, always up-to-date
Opening opportunities | Expand to the right location
Competitive pressure | Foil competition and cannibalization
Footprint attractiveness  | Optimize your network budget impact according to your targeted brand image

Network expansion

Design best-in-class expansion strategy, always up-to-date

Do not miss any opening or closing moves from your competitors at location area level (city center, periphery, mall). With this 360° filed view, define the best expansion strategy and support your local area manager daily.

  • Proprietary algorithm for location area level classification
  • Alerts on competitors’ major moves
  • Instant hover opening / closing description
  • Optional export of store mapping (including GPS)

Opening opportunities

Expand to the right location

Spot each uncovered catchment areas according to population density and income level to boost your expansion growth with new relevant openings. Get an exhaustive, up-to-date list of all the opportunities.

  • Customizable catchment area radius and income level
  • Optional map export
  • Exhaustive list of relevant new openings
  • Maximum leverage on public open data (eg. INSEE in France)

Competitive pressure

Foil competition and cannibalization

For each store, know exactly which competitors are present or missing; measure competitive pressure at the finest level including cannibalization.

  • Adjustable radius for catchment areas
  • Exhaustive store-by-store analysis

Unleash your store network performance today